By 1928, radio had made the transition from a fad to becoming an established feature of domestic life.

A  Bungalow,  -  A  Radio  -  And  You!
Fox - Trot Song
Words  and  Music  by
cover Dreaming, scheming, that's all I do,
In the future I can see happiness for you and me.
Building castles, hope they don't tumble down,
You're my queen in a gingham gown.

In a bungalow with a radio and you,
Where the roses grow underneath the skies so blue,
I'd be content if life could be spent with sweet harmony in ev'rything we do.
And the dials of life will turn so merrily,
On our little set we'll get L- O- V- E.
And later on a baby song brings joy we never knew,
In a bungalow, with a radio and you!

Day dreams, stay dreams, till they come true,
I dream all the night and then wait till I can dream again.
Hoping, wishing, now and forever more,
Here's just what I was wishing for: