Michael D. Lyons, a prominent local area amateur radio operator, was hired by the Detroit News to work on the initial construction of the "Detroit News Radiophone", 8MK, which began testing on August 20, 1920 from the Detroit News' building at Lafayette and 2nd Avenues. (The August 21, 1960 Detroit News would later write "Michael D. Lyons, who had installed the transmitter, stood nearby and gave a smile of approval as the first broadcast began.") Lyons died eight months after he wrote the letter below, a copy of which was provided by Jeffrey McQueen. For more information on the life of Michael D. Lyons, see WWJ, A Jesuit and the Bomb.
                   10,000 Alkire Street
                   Box 105, Route 1
                   Arvada, Colorado 80005
                   December 23, 1973

Dear Helen,

           It is cheaper to write than to phone!

           Excuse the typewriter.  It is better than my
           The sweater is excellent, fits like a
glove.  You should not have bought such an expensive

           I did not, and I think Frank did not work
much on WJR, Ed Clark's station.

           The Detroit News radio was licensed to me
as 8MK, with my address on Green Ave.  Later the call
was changed to WWJ.

           I'll never forget the Tuesday we started
broadcasting, and the reporters would not publish the
fact, because they were afraid people would laugh
at the Detroit News paper. Besides, I was told, there 
was a chance the radio news would deter people from buying
newspapers to get the news.

           Thursday a news item appeared in the Detroit
News telling about the broadcast station.

           The News and Music Company (or some such
title) which supplied the transmitter and was asked by the
Detroit News about patent infringements, since I seem to recall
that Marconi claimed DeForest was in the wrong. The
Detroit News contract I had informed me that until that was 
cleared up they did not want to pay me my $25 a month for
part time supervision. They paid after three months and
the case against DeForest, I believe, was settled in about

           It was a pleasure to talk to Clyde today.
I'll write more later.  Keep kind to Frank, and to Clyde if he
is g o o d ....
                      Your bro.,

P. S.  Please do not give above details to anyone, I can
write up what I want.  Give me more time.....
       My best regards to Clyde.