67 Stations

Allen, Preston D.                        Oakland, CA                 E    KZM 
American Radio & Research Corp           Medford Hillside, MA        E    WGI 
Atlantic-Pacific Radio Supplies Co       Oakland, CA                 E    KZY 
Bamberger & Company, L.                  Newark, NJ                  E    WOR 
Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc      Los Angeles, CA             E    KJS 
Chicago, City of                         Chicago, IL                 E    WBU 
Church of the Covenant                   Washington, DC              E    WDM 
Cox, Warren R.                           Cleveland, OH               E    WHK 
Crosley Manufacturing Company            Cincinnati, OH              E    WLW 
De Forest Radio Telephone & Telegraph    New York, NY                E    WJX 
Detroit News                             Detroit, MI                 EM   WWJ
Doron Brothers Electric Company          Hamilton, OH                E    WRK 
Doubleday-Hill Electric Company          Pittsburgh, PA              E    KQV 
Duck Company, William B.                 Toledo, OH                  E    WHU 
Dunn & Company, J. J.                    Pasadena, CA                E    KLB 
Electric Lighting Supply Company         Hollywood, CA               E    KGC 
Examiner Printing Company                San Francisco, CA           E    KUO 
General Electric Company                 Schenectady, NY             E    WGY 
Gilbert Company, A. C.                   New Haven, CT               E    WCJ 
Gould, C. O.                             Stockton, CA                E    KJQ 
Hamilton Manufacturing Company           Indianapolis, IN            E    WLK 
Hatfield Electric Company                Indianapolis, IN            E    WOH 
Herrold, Charles D.                      San Jose, CA                E    KQW 
Hobrecht, J. C.                          Sacramento, CA              E    KVQ 
Howlett, Thomas F. J.                    Philadelphia, PA            E    WGL 
Karlowa Radio Company                    Rock Island, IL             EM   WOC 
Kennedy Company, Colin B.                Los Altos, CA               E    KLP 
Kluge, Arno A.                           Los Angeles, CA             E    KQL 
Kraft, Vincent I.                        Seattle, WA                 E    KJR 
Lorden, Edwin L.                         San Francisco, CA           E    KGB 
Marshall-Gerken Company                  Toledo, OH                  EM   WDZ 
Metropolitan Utilities District          Omaha, NE                   EM   WOU 
Meyberg Company, Leo J.                  Los Angeles, CA             E    KYJ 
Meyberg Company, Leo J.                  San Francisco, CA           E    KDN 
Missouri State Marketing Bureau          Jefferson City, MO          M    WOS 
Montgomery Light & Water Power Company   Montgomery, AL              EM   WGH 
Newspaper Printing Company               Pittsburgh, PA              E    WPB 
Northern Radio & Electric Company        Seattle, WA                 E    KFC 
Palladium Printing Company               Richmond, IN                EM   WOZ 
Pine Bluff Company                       Pine Bluff, AR              E    WOK 
Pomona Fixture & Wiring Company          Pomona, CA                  E    KGF 
Portable Wireless Telephone Company      Stockton, CA                E    KWG 
Precision Equipment Company              Cincinnati, OH              EM   WMH 
Precision Shop, The                      Gridley, CA                 E    KFU 
Radio Construction & Electric Co         Washington, DC              E    WDW 
Radio Corporation of America             Roselle Park, NJ            E    WDY 
Radio Shop, The                          Sunnyvale, CA               E    KJJ 
Radio Telephone Shop, The                San Francisco, CA           E    KYY 
Reynolds Radio Company                   Denver, CO                  EM   KLZ
Rike-Kumler Company                      Dayton, OH                  EM   WFO 
Rochester Times Union                    Rochester, NY               EM   WHQ 
Seeley, Stuart W (US Weather Bureau)     East Lansing, MI            M    WHW 
Service Radio Equipment Company          Toledo, OH                  E    WJK 
Ship Owners Radio Service                New York, NY                E    WDT 
Union College                            Schenectady, NY             E    WRL 
University of Minnesota                  Minneapolis, MN             EM   WLB 
University of Wisconsin                  Madison, WI                 EM   WHA 
Warner Brothers                          Oakland, CA                 E    KLS 
Wasmer, Louis                            Seattle, WA                 E    KHQ 
Western Radio Company                    Kansas City, MO             EM   WOQ 
Western Radio Electric Company           Los Angeles, CA             E    KOG
Westinghouse Electric & Mfg Co           Chicago, IL                 E    KYW 
Westinghouse Electric & Mfg Co           East Pittsburgh, PA         E    KDKA
Westinghouse Electric & Mfg Co           Newark, NJ                  E    WJZ 
Westinghouse Electric & Mfg Co           Springfield, MA             E    WBZ 
White & Boyer Company                    Washington, DC              E    WJH 
Wireless Telephone-Hudson County NJ      Jersey City, NJ             E    WNO 

List of stations broadcasting market or weather reports (485 meters) and music, concerts, lectures, etc. (360 meters), (March 10, 1922) from pages 13 and 14 of the March 1, 1922 (number 59) Radio Service Bulletin.

NOTES: "E" stands for an authorization to transmit on the "Entertainment" wavelength of 360 meters (833 kilohertz), "M" stands for an authorization to transmit on the "Market and Weather" wavelength of 485 meters (619 kilohertz), while "EM" means the station was authorized to use both wavelengths.

The following errors, which have been corrected in the list above, appear in the original list: Bamberger & Co.--call WCR incorrectly listed instead of WOR; Marshall-Gerkin--call WSZ incorrectly listed instead of WDZ.